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Low cost mining operations with superlative skill and experience in calculated risks when it comes to trading, excels in every aspect of the crypto markets.


Investment Plans

A plethora of just 3 investment options for every type of investment approach.

Starter Plan


Interest Daily for 3 Days
Min. Invest$ 150
Max. Invest$3,499

*Referral Commission 4%
Withdrawal Min - $20
*7 days weekly earning

Make a deposit

Amature Plan


Interest Daily for3 Days
Min. Invest$ 3,500
Max. Invest$ 7,499

*Referral Commission 4%
Withdrawal Min - $20
*7 days weekly earning

Make a deposit

Professional Plan


Interest Daily for 5 Days
Min. Invest$ 7,500
Max. Invest$ 100,000

*Referral Commission 10%
Withdrawal Min - $20
*7 days weekly earning

Make a deposit

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Welcome to - Efficient Mining & Trading is composed of John Morgan and William Felt, both are well experienced in their respective industries. Mr John is a proprietor of a Bitcoin mining operation since 2011 in Iceland and Mr. Felt has been in the stock market trading since the mid 1990's. With the industry of trading evolving through the years, his expertise has been put well in good use in the crypto currency trading market since 2018.

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Referral Program
  • 10% - Professional Plan
  • 4% - Amateur Plan
  • 4% - Starter Plan

Starter plan and Amateur plan referrals earns 4% commission and Professional plan referrals earns 10%

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